Still here

As a reassurance for those who are kindly concerned at my long silence, I’m still here, and doing as well as can be expected.  Better than some.

Graham is doing fine, too, and has been a tower of strength to me as always.

I’ll see if I can’t get up enough steam to resume writing soon.  Meantime, thanks for sticking around…



Friday May 24, 2013

I really have nothing to say today. Tomorrow, perhaps.

Corners of my mind

Thursday 23 May, 2013

I had this wonderful idea for a journal entry. Then, I nodded off for a while. Now, it’s completely gone.

Say goodnight, Gracie…

[exits, stage left, singing softly: “Memories, like the corners of my mind…”]

Colour me sad

Wednesday 22 May, 2013

While I was safely napping this afternoon a shocking, murderous killing took place in London, where two young men slaughtered a third in cold blood. Needless to say it’s being reported already as an Islamist terrorist attack, and that may be so. Precious little in the way of hard fact has emerged in spite of continuous TV and radio coverage adequately to support such allegations however and, while I don’t doubt there’s some truth in them, I shall not join in the speculation. It’s clear that the attack took place, and it’s highly likely that the two men wounded and captured at the scene are guilty of murder. But that’s all. Hopefully more substantial information will emerge tomorrow. Meantime all that we can do is to carry the victim’s family and those close to him in our thoughts and hope that truth and justice will provide some comfort soon.

Needless to say my day has been coloured sad by all this. I fear that it will end badly.

All very nice

Tuesday 21 May, 2013

Before I forget I must clear up the mystery of the titles I sometimes get wrong here. Its like this. When I start a new entry here on WordPress the software assigns a random four digit number to the link so that it can keep track of the new file throughout the drafting process. As soon as I type in a title the number is replaced with whatever I’ve chosen to identify the entry. If I forget to type in an identifier then when I click on ‘Publish’ the number is used as the title. Simple as that. The trouble is that although I spot my omission, and correct it, the ‘notify’ email has already been sent out with the number as title and it’s too late to undo the damage.

Simple, eh? Well, perhaps not but then there’s nothing in the rules that says computers have to be simple.

Other than that the day has been pleasantly uneventful, another in what seems like an infinity of uneventful days. I ought not to complain and I do try to catch myself before I do but it’s not too easy.

I sit in my chair and daydream most days. Graham busies himself with household chores and his favourite hobby–Twitter. Me, I drop into that familiar old fugue state and drift through the day roaming through my memories happy as a songbird in the sun.

It’s all very nice, really.