I’ll keep on trying

Sunday May 19, 2013

Ah well. I didn’t do too well on my first non-addictive TV day. Well, you just have to watch Andrew Marr, out of loyalty if nothing more. And a morning without Postman Pat just doesn’t seem to work somehow. And then… And then…

I don’t know who I’m kidding but I’ll keep on trying.

5 responses to “I’ll keep on trying

  1. Well, I suppose you could re-read War and Peace. πŸ˜‰

  2. I have long given up trying to kick the TV habit. It’s here to stay, it’s in my house and in my life so I’m just going to embrace the addiction.

    It would make an interesting TV series showing a family or even a town who gave up their television completely and went back to actually doing things again. But I really don’t think we can turn back time. I just wonder what people would do if the power grid went down around the world…

  3. I almost missed the PBS midwife and Mr. Selfridge last night. I do like evening watching more. Hey when moving hurts and seeing is hard it is easy to plop in front of the TV.

  4. I don’t have TV, don’t miss TV but I tend to buy (mostly English!!!!) DVDs and watch them at leisure on my PC…. And I read TONS of books, I photograph, garden, and do about a million of other things – but if my life should ever get ’emptier’, I probably would buy one too.
    I always said that ‘we do everything that TV offers, ourselves – soaps, drama, discussions, nature shows and some screaming from time to time….’ I have calmed down considerably since, but still….. πŸ™‚