Monday May 20, 2013

“Happy Anniversary,” I said.

“Oh dear. I’d forgotten again.”

“Never mind. It does tend to get repetitive.”

“Don’t be silly. Happy Anniversary. What would you like for dinner tonight?”

“You choose.”

“Corned beef hash?”

“You spoil me.”

7 responses to “Spoiled

  1. Happy Anniversary indeed. If my count is correct, the two of you are at 36 years now. Here’s to a happy 37th and onward.

  2. Indeed happy anniv. Just wait for the 50th.

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    We had our 27th on the 10fh of May. Time flies…. huh?

    So are you going to fill us in on the numbers that come as titles in the notify messages (today’s is 2534) – or is this a mystery that you want us to solve… now where is my Sherlock hat?

  4. I forgot ours this year too. Perhaps it’s a disease of the Baileyz.

  5. A big Happy Anniversary to you and Graham, John. Congratulations.

  6. How long?! Congrats dear ones 🙂

    If you lived in France, you could get married now, LOL…. (or get PACed)
    If you do, may I come too? I would love to meet both of you !

  7. I hope you had a wonderful anniversary! ❤ ❤
    Corned beef hash sounds scrumptious! Sad to say, one can't get it in Korea. (sigh)