All very nice

Tuesday 21 May, 2013

Before I forget I must clear up the mystery of the titles I sometimes get wrong here. Its like this. When I start a new entry here on WordPress the software assigns a random four digit number to the link so that it can keep track of the new file throughout the drafting process. As soon as I type in a title the number is replaced with whatever I’ve chosen to identify the entry. If I forget to type in an identifier then when I click on ‘Publish’ the number is used as the title. Simple as that. The trouble is that although I spot my omission, and correct it, the ‘notify’ email has already been sent out with the number as title and it’s too late to undo the damage.

Simple, eh? Well, perhaps not but then there’s nothing in the rules that says computers have to be simple.

Other than that the day has been pleasantly uneventful, another in what seems like an infinity of uneventful days. I ought not to complain and I do try to catch myself before I do but it’s not too easy.

I sit in my chair and daydream most days. Graham busies himself with household chores and his favourite hobby–Twitter. Me, I drop into that familiar old fugue state and drift through the day roaming through my memories happy as a songbird in the sun.

It’s all very nice, really.

6 responses to “All very nice

  1. Once you know it, it’s also quite nice and funny to get a number instead of words as a title for an entry. 🙂

  2. Well I must say John I never even noticed numbers for titles. 🙂 I just go straight into the post.

  3. And here I was wracking my brain to come up with significant meanings for the numbers!!! Thanks John. My journal (JournalScape) has a box for the title and if you forget to put it in and hit “save” it won’t let you and it will pop your cursor up into the Title box, so it’s foolproof. I always name my blogs last after I’ve written it all out and I often will forget and try to save but then the above happens.

    I have “my” chair also that I sit in for most of the day, too. A big leather recliner that is both my savior and the bane of my life. It’s very difficult to push the footrest down as there is no lever – you must do it with sheer strength of your legs/feet and mine are not strong at all. But it’s where I live, so I see you there in your chair and me here in my chair… whiling away the days. Paul just came in after I got here with my first cuppa this morning and said to me, “Ah, I see you’re at chair-central for the morning!” – that’s it. Chair central. All systems go.

  4. yep; simple once you know it! Enjoy your quiet life as good as it gets… Love to Graham too!

  5. Ah, thus do computers make us jump through hoops for their private amusement.

  6. I dozed day before yesterday. I drew for a while yesterday. My hand isn’t steady, but it drew lines again. Today, sitting, I will shuffle books.