Friday May 24, 2013

I really have nothing to say today. Tomorrow, perhaps.

11 responses to “Nothing

  1. That’s OK John. Lots of days I have nothing, and sometimes I write four paragraphs about absolutely nothing, as my readers will attest to! At least you are honest up front with us… we’ll take a nothing day from you versus the alternative…

  2. OK, that will do.

  3. No need to worry. It’s good to hear you, anyway. I can always listen to a video to hear your actual voice, thanks to YouTube! 😉 {{{Hugs}}}

  4. And expressed so succinctly…

  5. You must have nodded off again. We love ya.

  6. Anonymous

    I hope you and Graham are enjoying spring. I am happy to report flowers and a profusion of greenery in Nova Scotia.

  7. wake up John; nappy time’s over…. 🙂
    waiting for your next sign of life!
    we’ve got spring/summer here (in France) – finally – may it last a bit!
    greetings Kiki

  8. …or have you given up again. Hugs.

  9. We’re still here and waiting for you to wake up, John. Hope your dreams are pleasant.

  10. I hope you are okay. Even a short note would be reassuring.

  11. Ditto. Just a little “hi” from you would ease our minds and hearts. We love you, J & G, and really, hope all is well with you. xxx ooo