I don’t like it any more

Saturday 18 May, 2013

I’m spending far too much time watching TV. Time I got off my backside and did something more productive.

There. I’ve said it. I’d be yer typical couch potato if I didn’t sit in my nice comfy office chair in front of the computer.

And I don’t like it any more.


Any old time

Friday 17 May, 2013

Today was weekly shopping day. Again. No great difference from other shopping days except that I was bad, and slept in. Consequently, we ran about and hour and a half late, which made all the difference.

The greatest change was in the people. Most of our visits get us to the supermarket at about 08:20, when our fellow shoppers are mostly younger people, picking up breakfast on the way to work. Today, at about 10:00, the young ‘uns were gone, replaced for the most part by people of about our age. Far less interesting and definitely less decorative.

Hey ho.

Back home I had another rocking chair day, sitting in the window watching the trees grow. It was a good, warm-ish sunny day for the most part, which was nice. Tomorrow they’re forecasting rain. That’ll make little difference to the trees, and it’ll not really much affect me. My old rocking chair can transport me to warmer climes any time I choose. All I have to do is close my eyes and think of sunshine. It’s an occupation I recommend to the weary any old time.


Thursday May 16, 2013

Empty page, empty mind. Or, as they say, “another day, another dollar.”

The crap we talk when we’ve nothing to say, eh?


Wednesday May 15, 2013

I slept in late this morning after a dreamless night. Which was a relief.

The rain eased up in the mid-afternoon and, for a while, the sun came out. That was a relief, too.

And now, at the end of my day, I find I have nothing of note to report. And that’s a relief, too, of a kind.

One of the sweet mysteries of life

Tuesday May 14, 2013

I had the strangest dream last night. I was laying in bed, perfectly comfortable and relaxed, with my eyes wide open. All I could see was an endless, marginless typescript, typed neatly on an old-fashioned typewriter. I couldn’t make out a word of it, though it did appear to be in English. Oddly enough, though I couldn’t bring the words into focus I could see the texture of the paper–a decent quality fibrous bond.

And that was it. The typescript rolled slowly upward but I never got to see the bottom of the page.

The last I recall was dropping off into a deep sleep, the page drifting away out of sight.

No doubt some dream analyst could posit a meaning to it but I think I’d prefer not to know. Just one of those inexplicable dreams which afflict me from time to time.

It seems to have stuck with me all day and now, as it gets close to my bedtime, it’s still there, clear as clear and yet indecipherable.

Hey ho.

Apart from that it was a rainy day, endless, remorseless rain.

How’s about that for an example of one of the sweet mysteries of life?

On the way

Monday May 13, 2013

We had a lovely sunny morning and early afternoon today. Graham put our new mower through its paces with splendid results.

“If you’re not careful that patch of grass is going to turn into a lawn,” I said.

“I know. Dreadful, ain’t it?”

It’s wonderful how a bit of lawn dressing and a decent mower can transform a patch of weedy grass into what could be mistaken for a small lawn. At a distance, anyway.

I’ve been trying to get Graham to apply a bit of weed’n’feed for ages but he said he’d rather just let nature take its course. The fact is that there’s nothing natural about a lawn. Grass doesn’t grow all smooth and green, weed-free and luxuriant all on its own. Needs a bit of help.

Then he went on to put out the bedding plants–begonias and geraniums–we’ve been nurturing for the past few weeks. It’s cold out but not so much so that there’s any danger of frost damage.

Summer is icumen in, late and slow and in fits and starts, but it’s on the way.

Previously… in a galaxy far, far away

Sunday May 12, 2013

Somewhere around this date thirty-five years ago Graham and I went to see Star Wars in one of the big cinemas by Leicester Square in London. I wish I could say I was bowled over by it but I wasn’t. Graham loved it, though, so I went along for the ride. And, in subsequent years, we went to see the next two movies in the series. Then, even Graham’s enthusiasm waned, and we couldn’t bring ourselves to take to the follow-on productions, losing the plot, as it were.

Even so, the movies have a special significance for us and, if I can make it, we’ll do the next one in style, going up to London to see it on the big screen in 2015. It looks as though I shall be wheel-chair bound by then so there’ll be an added spirit of adventure to the trip.

It seems that Walt Disney are making the new movies and, by virtue of a special tax deal with the British Government, will produce and largely shoot the first one here in the UK. The details, so far as they are known, are in the papers/online news pages right now.

I’m not too sure what I think about the move to the UK but if it brings in the money it’s hard not to approve.

So I’m looking forward to it. Just so long as the opening lines are not “Previously… in a galaxy far, far away.”